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hi, I'm Cailyn :)

this is my new photography blog

16 // socal

instagram: @cailynghara

sometimes the beach is prettiest when its getting dark out 😍
amateur ish 
nic-alvarez asked:

Hey would you mind checking out my blog😊

just did! loveee your blog😍

i cannot express to you how happy summer makes me 
summertime calls for fruity drinks 
my favorites 
lattes for adamspictures and I 
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11flow asked:

Very artistic pictures! Well done!

Thanks so much :)

my new favorite beach 
taken by adamspictures
breakfast this morning was lovely 
Anonymous asked:

I really wanna move to California! It's been my dream of mine since forever! How is it living there? :) Please answer

i absolutely loveeee living in california :) but its not all the same, like northern california is super different from southern california