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hi, I'm Cailyn :)

this is my new photography blog

17 // socal

instagram: @cailynghara

hydrophonichigh asked:

Omg your blog is just wow i love your photography and the mexico pictures omg there to die for

awh this is too sweet thank you so much!! xx

Anonymous asked:

Are that all your own photo's??


me being a typical white girl 
la jolla has my heart
taken by route-22
homecoming 2014
Anonymous asked:

Why don't you use tumblr anymore?:(

I’m sorry!! 😭😭 I’ve been so busy lately but I’ll try to post more


life-of-chlo-deactivated2014101 asked:

copied your username. hope you don't mind I JUST LOVE UR BLOG

It’s flattering that you’d want to copy me, but its not very original…its always better you to be yourself instead of trying to be like someone else, ya know? 

martinezgiovanna asked:

So happy I found you blog! I love your theme and your pics😍 so freaking cute!

thanks so much! this makes me so happy! (: 

thecolourofautumnleaves asked:

I love your blog so much! I'm gonna repost so much x

awh thank you!! xo

no caption needed 
my only friends
senior sunrise